"No one is YOU
and that is YOUR POWER

We don’t only take photos and produce stunning images,
We create an unforgettable experience where you get to shine and feel like anything is possible.
All the shoots are crafted to your vision. It’s a judgment free, safe and positive environment.

Our clients are of all ages, shapes, beliefs. We love to capture every unique feature, every smile, every emotion in the eyes. That’s what makes this boudoir photoshoot so special.

You get to be YOU - bold, wild, intimate, vulnerable.

Luxury Boudoir Photography in Toronto


it's not just a boudoir photoshoot

step 1

Consultation & Planning

step 2

Professional Makeover

step 3

Shooting & Posing

step 4

Prints & Photos

how it works

Find out what YOUR UNIQUE boudoir photo session will look like!

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‘It didn’t just make me feel beautiful and confident but made me realize how much untapped potential I have. You are a true artist and I hope more people experience a session with you. Genuinely one of the best experiences in my life!”

"Shooting with you has changed the way I look at myself."

Miss A.

Meet Larysa

My name is Larysa. I am a boudoir photographer in Toronto, and I believe that this genre is not only uplifting for my clients, but it also has a transforming power.
Intimate portraiture is my passion. Photographing people is my job. Observing my clients open, become stronger, feel vulnerable, become empowered is my goal.

The effect that photographs have on people is so powerful! It uplifts, it connects, it makes you discover YOU! 
And being pampered while doing it is an ultimate uplifting experience.

Ready to celebrate YOURSELF and your BEAUTY?

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